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Jase Kraft

Jase had a successful highschool and college running career. Graduating from High School as the 2nd best miler in South Dakota, Jase became an DII All American as a Freshman in College. 

During his collegiate career he'd add many conference championship titles, a 5th place National team finish in Cross Country, and ranking in the top 25 milers in DII in 2017.  

After his 2016-2017 seasons, Jase faced some issues with heat exhaustion, pneumonia, and sports induced Asthma which led to poor performances and ultimately burn out. 

After bumming around for a year after college, Jase found his love for the endurance sport again and has started training as an elite obstacle course racer. 

Through his experience he realized the importance of prioritizing Recovery in your training and started the Science of Sports Recovery Podcast as a mission to help athletes regardless of sport perform better and avoid burnout by learning how to recover better outside of training. 
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Popular Topics

  • Recovery Routines: I'm happy to share my findings from digging into the research and interviewing guests that are way smarter than me on the Science of Sports Recovery Podcast.  Whether you are an athlete or not, recovery needs to be baked into your life. 
  • Mental Health in Athletes: Athletes need to find balance in their life with the mental strain that training and competing can put on an athlete. I come from a viewpoint that your sport cannot be the most important part of your life to have a healthy relationship with it.  
  • Being an Athlete and Entrepreneur: Aside from training, I'm the owner of Perfect My Podcast, LLC. Athlete Entrepreneurs have a unique struggle of dividing their time between their sport and the never ending tasks that come with being a business owner. I haven't totally figured it out myself, but happy to have a conversation on the topic. 
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